Big data is used in nearly every type of business and while many people might not be aware of its popularity, it’s evident that companies that are using big data analytics are achieving new levels of success.

Examples of this can be seen in retailers and social media websites who use online activity to pinpoint behavioral trends in marketing campaigns that can be greatly improved. Even government institutions, who use data to track and detect outbreaks of disease through signals in social media.

It isn’t just the social media companies that use big data. Car manufacturers have also been using it to enable them to improve vehicle quality, safety and sales.

The automotive industry continues to face a growing number of challenges and pressures; cost, competition, globalization, market shifts, and volatility are all increasing.

Global Analytic Services (GAS) team of automotive specialists and software solutions can help tackle these and many other challenges. Our Market Intelligence Analysis allows you to compare brand and model across multiple global regions. Our data is clear and easy to read with charts that enable visibility of the market, competitive positioning and trends to identify opportunities to better position and value your products.

GAS can provide Current and Forecast Used Vehicle Valuations that provide key information for manufacturers both in the UK and across 27 regions. Utilizing market data and proprietary algorithms to provide current used market values and forecast values we have been able to identify potential profit loss and gains for our customers.

Our solutions enable you to see the advantages of one vehicle against another in global markets. This allows manufactures to see how their specific model of vehicle is trending in emerging markets where this data is virtually unattainable in specific regions.