G.A.S. analyses hundreds of car advertising websites every single day from all over the world.
There are many languages each with their own alphabet, which can get pretty interesting when it comes to translating them back into English. The trickiest websites are those written in Chinese (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in particular).
Vehicle searches combined with google translation produce a number of amusing outcomes which can cause us headaches as well as making us chuckle.

Here are just a few:
English Name      Chinese Translation
Alfa                             RomeoLove Fast
Aston Martin            Ashton Martin
Citroen                      Advanced
Daihatsu                   Big Hair
Fiat                            Happy
Honda                       Need
Hyundai                   Modern
Iveco                         Evil European Tyrant
Jaguar                      Accumulation
Infiniti                     Ultimate
Lamborghini          Sapphire
Landrover               Cross Country Road
Mazda                      Everything is done
Mercedes                Peace
McLaren                 McNaren
Peugeot                   Pokemon
Volkswagen            Foster
Volvo                       Regal
Motorbike              Locomotive

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