Current and Forecast vehicle valuations 

Current and Forecast used vehicle valuations that aim to provide key information for manufacturers both in the UK and across 63 global regions. Utilizing market data and proprietary algorithms that provide current market vehicle values.


Detailed reports to help with recovery strategy


Compare manufactures against various makes and models


Based on real time bespoke online pricing system


Identify approved and non-approved automotive information

Residual Value Analysis

Compare residual values from model groups in your brand to those of your defined competitors

Current Residual Value Analysis

Provide details of your brands current residual value

Forecast Residual Value Analysis

Compare you brands forecast residual values to market competitors

Historical Performance

See how your campaigns are impacting Residual Values historically

Multi-Level Aggregation

Aggregate your residual values across your entire brand, a group of vehicles or one specific benchmark vehicle.

Emerging Market Valuation System

On-line access to our emerging market vehicle valuation systems

Global Reach

Valuations systems available in a great number of covered emerging markets


Valuation Service built for system integration

Lead Generation

Allow part-exchange customers to value their trade

Global Analytic Services Consulting

We work in close partnership with you, supporting decisions and helping deliver your strategic goals. Understanding your market is the key to staying ahead – we offer bespoke analysis and intelligence with a unique insight into current and future trends.